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 Weekly Live Clinical Consultations  
 On-Demand Masterclasses to Grow Beyond the Therapy Room
 Daily Interview Requests From Media Outlets
 Monthly Therapist Book Club and more!

The journey towards licensure can be stressful, but we’re here to help you make the most out of this experience! Join a close-knit group of professionals who value connection, growth, and lifelong learning. Our members include published authors, Ivy League-educated clinicians, major group practice owners, podcast pros, and social media gurus- just to name a few.

The only professional organization for the next generation of therapists who want to grow beyond the traditional therapy room

Exclusive platform away from the distractions and publicity of social media - we're not on Facebook or outdated forums/listservs

Quality members with a limited number of membership slots     

24/7 Peer Support + Bi-Weekly Social Hours

As a growing therapist, you probably have lots of questions. Let’s get you the answers you need! Learning from one expert is great, but learning from a community of hundreds of clinical and business experts is way better. Our clinical consults and Masterclasses allow you to make informed clinical decisions, abide by all laws and ethics, and strengthen your skillset.

Weekly HIPAA compliant Live Peer Consultations so you can practice ethically  

On-demand & live clinical Masterclasses with guest experts  
Unlimited opportunities to ask your clinical, ethical and telehealth questions

️ Coming soon: exclusive consultation group & resources for therapists who coach 

Join our monthly live Masterclasses to level up your business and clinical skills. Industry experts fill the gaps of graduate school- we cover topics like marketing, social media, insurance billing, legal requirements, and teletherapy. Plus, all Teletherapist Network members receive on-demand access to our growing library of past Masterclass recordings.

Exclusive, internal Teletherapy Referral Directory with unlimited referrals  

Business Masterclasses to fill the gaps of graduate school   

$750+ discounts to professional services  

Multiple requests from media outlets each day looking for mental health experts

Our monthly prelicensed Book Club selections reflect the want to learn, lean in, and laugh at ourselves. Join therapist and author, Nicole Arzt, as she hosts a monthly live discussion. As a prelicensed member, you will have access to both the prelicensed book club AND our regular member book club discussion!

Monthly Book Club selection with a live discussion each month 

Daily discussion questions for your professional and personal growth 

Book club discussions are recorded, just in case you can't make the live event

So what do you get when you join the Teletherapist Network as a prelicensed clinician?

Access to all on-demand Masterclasses on the Teletherapist Network:

...and over a dozen more!

Plus live Masterclasses just for prelicensed clinicians:

September 10th 

October 15th 

September 17th 

October 22nd

October 4th new prelicensed Masterclasses each month!

Access to all of the consultation groups on the Teletherapist Network:

Plus private consultation groups exclusively for prelicensed clinicians:

Monthly Book Club just for Teletherapist Network members

Daily requests for quotes from national media outlets

  • Can anyone join?
    Although we’d love to have you, we’re a community exclusively for licensed mental health professionals, prelicensed professionals and graduate students. You’ll be asked to provide your information during registration so that we can verify it.
  • What makes you different from a Facebook or other free group?
    We screen every member that enters the group to ensure that everyone is a qualified mental health professional. We engage in high-quality discussion, and we also offer exclusive trainings, seminars, consults, and book clubs! Even though we charge a membership rate, we guarantee it’s a lot more affordable than most workshops!
  • Do you have an app?
    Yep! We’re hosted by Mighty Networks, which is the furthest thing from social media. When you log into our network, you receive exactly what you need- without any ads or extra noise.
  • Is my membership tax-deductible?
    While we’re not your accountant, we are a professional organization for licensed mental health clinicians interested in teletherapy. Depending on how you file your taxes, you should be able to deduct your membership fees as a business-related expense.
  • Are you for North America-based clinicians only?
    Absolutely not! We’re an international community that brings together licensed mental health clinicians across the world to share cultures, experiences, and expertise.
  • Why does the membership cost less for prelicensed therapists?
    Growing therapists are the future of our field, and we understand that financial hardships can make investing in oneself challenging. This is one way we seek to give back to our newest cohort of professionals.
  • How long should I enroll in this membership?
    As long as you want! There is no time limit. If you’re on the fence, we definitely recommend committing to at least 3 months of membership. Just like with therapy, good things can take time, and we want you to have the chance to fully engage with the process.
  • What if I change my mind?
    Although we’re sure you’ll want to stick around, there is absolutely no minimum membership required, although we do not offer refunds. To cancel your membership at any time, just log back into your Teletherapist Network Customer Hub to cancel or email us and we'll do it for you no questions asked. Easy peasy!
  • What happens after I become licensed?
    Congrats! You will still have access to the full group, and we hope you’ll stick around! At the end of your next subscription period (i.e. month, 3 months, or annual), you'll get 3 months free to the Teletherapist Network before needing to update to the licensed membership. We'll reach out close to your estimated licensure date to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please reach out to specifically if you have questions about payment or other financial concerns.
  • Do you offer supervision?
    No, we do not act as supervisors on this network. Please keep that in mind when interacting with other members or asking questions during consultation hours.

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Meet Your Hosts
Nicole & Jeremy Arzt

Nicole Arzt is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in supporting new therapists harness their authentic selves. An accomplished author, Nicole is a contributing writer for numerous organizations. She owns Soul of Therapy LLC, a content marketing business for mental health professionals. She is also the founder of Psychotherapy Memes, a global community of more than 100,000 followers. Her debut, bestselling book, Sometimes Therapy Is Awkward, is available wherever books are sold. 

 Jeremy Arzt is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He is a clinical supervisor and clinical director responsible for overseeing 25+ mental health professionals, 75+ clients, and managing multiple clinical settings. Jeremy is passionate about treating attachment issues, anger management, life transitions, and themes related to masculinity. 

Nicole and Jeremy are currently co-authoring a book together. Both as individuals and as a team, they regularly speak and advocate on behalf of promoting the well-being of mental health professionals.

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