The Professional Community for the Next Generation of Therapists

...and over 30 more!

  • What do you do for therapists?
    Oh, wow! The better question is, “What don’t we do for therapists?”

    The Teletherapist Network is the only consultation community for forward-thinking therapists to leverage the collective support and power of their peers to achieve better clinical outcomes, save time finding consultations, conserve money by sharing resources, increase confidence and prevent burnout.

    Many members call the Network their therapist home because the Network connects you with high-quality peers who will support, motivate, and challenge you to achieve your professional and personal goals faster and with more ease.

    Membership to the Telethearpist Network is all-access. This means every member has instant access to all of our services, including:
    - unlimited consultation groups
    - opportunities to get featured in the media
    - monthly therapist book club
    - note-catchup coworking sessions
    - shared templates and resources
    - 40+ on-demand classes and seminars

    Our founder, Kathryn Esquer, PsyD, MBA, created the Teletherapist Network out of her own need for community and connection. Even as we've grown, our leadership team continues to be comprised of all practicing therapists.
  • What makes you different from a Facebook or other free group?
    If we had a dollar for every time someone asked us this…

    The Teletherapist Network is not social media. Although we socialize a lot inside the Network, we designed the Network to be a hub of personal and professional support that you can 1) log into, 2) get what you need, and 3) get back to living your life.

    The fact that we’re private and away from the distractions of social media attracts a very different type of therapist. We’re a group of therapists that want to build quality relationships with our peers, not just crowdsource an EHR discount code or spam your inbox.

    We don’t accept sponsors or advertisements, so you’ll never be pushed to waste your money on products and services you don’t need. Plus, we screen every member that enters the group to ensure that everyone is a qualified mental health professional. Even though we charge a membership rate, we guarantee it’s a lot more affordable than most one-time workshops and won't waste your time like other free groups.
  • How do the Consultation Groups work?
    All of our consultation groups are open to all members (with the exception of special pre-licensed consultation groups). The consultation groups are member-led, with the group host running the consultation group to fit their style. It's not the most appropriate comparison, but we liken the format to recovery support groups (like AA). We have a number of different consultation groups available to members at any given time, but most members find one or two groups to attend regularly (their "home" groups).

    Because we have so many consultation groups available, the average attendance is 6-10 members. It depends on the style of the consultation group host, but most consultation groups triage the attending members' cases/questions and manage the time so that most (usually all) of the members in need of consultation get time.

    We try to vary the days and times of live consultation groups so that members in different time zones can attend, but the existing groups may not naturally fit into your existing schedule. Most members adjust their schedules to prioritize one or two consults a month. Additionally, we're constantly rolling out new consult groups based on the needs and expertise of members.
  • Do you offer Continuing Education credits (CEs or CEUs)?
    There are plenty of free CEUs out there, but we're not one of them. Here's why: Content inside the Network addresses all aspects of life as a therapist, not just the content or education recognized as valuable by CE institutions. We’re talking about everything being a therapist entails, like business practices, self-care, and new clinical trends. Nothing is off-limits.

    Additionally, Consultation Groups and CEUs are separate and distinct. CEUs are not a replacement for clinical consultations and vice versa. You need both CEUs and clinical consultations to practice ethically, not one or the other.
  • Is my membership tax-deductible?
    While we’re not your accountant, we are a professional organization for licensed mental health clinicians interested in teletherapy, which is almost always a deductible expense.
  • Who can join the Therapist Network?
    We’re a community exclusively for licensed mental health professionals. You’ll be asked to provide your license information during registration so that we can verify it.

    We welcome pre-licensed clinicians too! This includes any mental health clinicans currently in a mental health graduate program or post-graduates under clinical supervision working toward licensure.
  • What if I change my mind?
    Although we’re sure you’ll want to stick around, there is absolutely no minimum membership required. To cancel your membership at any time, just go to:
  • Do you have an app?
    We sure do! We’re hosted by Mighty Networks, which is the furthest thing from social media. When you log into the Network, you receive exactly what you need, when you need it. Plus, there will never be ads or extra noise.
  • Are you for North America-based clinicians only?
    Absolutely not! We’re an international community that brings together licensed mental health clinicians across the world to share cultures, experiences, and expertise. Although the majority of our members are based in North America, we have members all over the world - including digital nomads.



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